Carole Smith


This is my personal website, where you can see the things I like and want to do.

As a Chartered Accountant, I am employed on a part time basis by a local housing association, and am on the board of another.

We were all very proud last year when Westfield Housing Association was voted best housing association in the UK last year.

We have only a small number of staff, but that allows us to really place our customers at the heart of our business.  

my work

This is my work icon for Carole Carre Associates Ltd  - my own firm which provides accountancy, management and consultancy services.

I don’t have a lot of clients, but those I do have I enjoy working with.

My favourite thing is to help people get started in business, but as start ups often don’t produce much cash, this business doesn’t make a lot of money for me!

This is the icon for our small holiday cottage at Quarry Green in Bowden near Melrose.

We love staying there when we can, and let it out to holidaymakers at other times.  

A lot of people visit regularly, liking the countryside, Border towns, proximity to Edinburgh, and the peace and quiet.

What do I do in a day?

My ambition was to have a portfolio of activities - and now I do.  This page shows my work both paid and unpaid….

Need an accountant?

Looking for a place to stay?

never enough time in the day!

to do everything I want

And these are what I would like to do…

- write a novel

- design/make clothes

- be a smokey jazz singer


hobbies and interests