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This is my personal website, where you can see the things I like and want to do.

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This is my lovely husband Dave and I out on the water a few years ago. Looking through my photos I realised there are very few of us together because one of us is always taking the shot.

We have been together for 37 years now and I am really grateful to have found someone who suits me so well to share my life with.  

We bought a new caravan last year, big enough to take the children away, and we love staying in it with our dog and cat, Scamp and Smokey.

These are my beautiful grandchildren. I spend time with them most weeks and have them to stay over (so Mum and Dad can have a lie in, and I can get to play mum again).  They bring so much joy to my life although sometimes it is hard work too.  At 2 and 4 it is hard to believe I ever had a life without them. You can see more about my family on the family page.

I work part time, and have a few hobbies too, but never enough time to do all the things I want to do.   You can read more about my hobbies, interests and work on the other pages on this website.

This fabulous photo was taken by my son-in-law Craig McBeath - a very talented photographer who specialises in weddings.

My family are very important to me and I am very proud of all of them although as we all live far apart I don’t see enough of some relatives.

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