Carole Smith


This is my personal website, where you can see the things I like and want to do.

my f solve!

This is a picture of my Mum and Dad on their wedding day.  Still happily married after 62 years.

The photos below show some of my family; Dave and myself, my mum and dad, great daughter and son in law, fabulous grandchildren, and Dave’s sister and brother in law.  I also have two brothers and lots of cousins.

my family

I spend a lot of time researching my family history, and my parents still tell me stories of the old days. My family tree information can be seen on the ancestry website, and our family names include Osler (Southery); Suckling (Haverhill); Saunders (London); Brutons (Gloucestershire); Aldred (Gloucestershire); Harvey (London).

Family history |



hobbies and interests


The Saunders and Harvey families come from Leeds and London, but I have relatives all over the world now.

In Queensland Australia

In Rome

In America

And throughout the UK

A scattered family